Model Train collection worth ‘millions’ donated to Ipswich museum

PHOTO: A Bockholt model of a JA Maffei Munchen 96 class freight locomotive. (ABC News: Alyssa Betts)

A secret collection of model trains that needed its own house in southern New South Wales and came with a staff bound by confidentiality agreements is being documented at the Workshops Rail Museum, west of Brisbane. Read the full story on ABC News.–12-28/model-train-collection-worth-‘millions’-donated-to/8151582

Northlandz Model Railroad


Northlandz Model Railroad in New Jersey, USA — one of the largest (possibly the largest) model railroad in the world — has teamed up with Sony to showcase one of their new cameras. The results are truly astonishing!

To explore for yourself, click on this link: http://www.separate– or the picture above.

Image: Still from the “Separate Together” film by Sony of Northlandz Model Railroad

Message from Paul

Paul H sends greetings from the other side of the planet. He reports that he is going to a Model Railroad exhibition every weekend somewhere or another that is as big as the one we get here once a year! Oh — and he is sick of having to dig his car out of the snow every morning. 🙂

Paul also found the picture above of a scratch built coking plant in 1:32 scale on the internet. Read all about it (including loads more pictures) here: He reckons it would make a good project for our G‑Scale group! 🙂

RailCon Model Railway Control

As often happens in these days of mass email marketing, we received some unsolicited information (aka SPAM) about a new DCC based modular model railway control system for controlling all your layout accessories (e.g. signals, points, turntables and lights). A quick browse of the web site and it seems legitimate enough and as it purports to be Australian designed and made, I thought it was worthwhile posting up on the web site.

So if you are interested, point your browser at and check it out for yourself. (Usual disclaimers apply of course — we neither endorse or nor recommend in any way the products offered by that web site. Please exercise caution when purchasing anything over the Internet.)

HO or N — Hard to Choose

The WAMRC models in both HO & N scale (and G too — but it is not relevant here), and we get a few visitors and prospective members asking what are the relative advantages. Some of us even have a foot in both camps — hard to choose which one to concentrate on.

It looks like this guy (David Smith) couldn’t decide either. He has ended up building a working N scale model of an HO layout. Yep — that’s right — around 1:12,000 scale or so he reckons! He has an excellent web site describing in detail how he did, plus a link to a YouTube video showing it actually running. Check out the White River and Northern Model Railroad Clinic page to find out more. 🙂