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  1. Hi.
    I am a recently semi retired teacher looking for a hobby that I can earn a little money from to supplement my pension. With a family history ( males ) of railway workers my leaning is towards model railways so my question is this. With the right marketing do you think I could ( given the right entertaining/educational model setup ) make such additional income on a touring basis, maybe in rural shopping centres similar to the old Slim Dusty touring days? Naturally the idea would have to be sold and have something in it for the shopping centres.
    It maybe a big ask and I will not hold you to any replies. Any help will be most welcome. Thank you Bill Griffith

  2. Hi Bill, I don’t want to put a dampener on your plans, but I’m not sure where you see the income stream coming from. Are you planning on charging the shopping centre owners? Or asking the public for donations? I honestly can’t see much opportunity in either approach.
    The only way I have seen anyone successfully make an income stream from model railways is to offer goods and/or services to other model railway enthusiasts.
    A hobby where you make things that can be sold — either to retailers or direct to the public — seems to be popular with people in your position (e.g. woodworking). Of course you could make things that are railway related if you wish! So for example, you could make scale models of actual WA railway buildings and (e.g. York station, East Perth loco shed, Midland workshops) and they would appeal to both modellers and some members of the public alike.
    Hope that helps!

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