Online Model Railway Clubs

Is this the future of Model Railway Clubs — an activity you do in seclusion and only interact with others on the Internet?

I received a link to this website at the club’s email address in the form of an annoying spam email. I almost didn’t even read it but as it was quite targeted at Model Trains I clicked on the link and got taken to On casual inspection it appears to be a slickly produced web site with loads of content (quality unknown) that will be made available to you for “not $100+ per month, not $75 per month, not $50 per month, not even $45 per month — just $27 per month”. I presume that is US$ so ~A$34 per month.

Makes our membership fees of A$5 per month for belonging to a real club where you get to talk to real people face-to-face seem very reasonable by comparison! 🤣

But with more and more of this kind of ‘competition’ for people’s spare time, what is the long term future for club’s like ours? 🤔

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