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Membership of the West Australian Model Railway Club is by application only. Membership enquiries are always welcome and you are encouraged to attend the club as a visitor several times before (and after) formally applying for membership. This is not to try to make the club “exclusive”, rather it is simply to make sure the club is compatible with you, and vice-versa.

Please consult our Membership Handbook and Membership Application Form for further details.

Members’ Handbook (Rev 3)
Membership Application Form Rev 4

We currently have 42 members (as at March 2012). There are five classes of membership, with annual subscription fees as shown below.

Membership Class Once-off Joining Fee Annual Subscription
Ordinary $25 $60
Junior ∗
(14–17 years of age at AGM)
$15 $30
(>50km from Perth GPO)
$15 $30
Life not applicable $0
Honorary $0 $0

∗ Note: Junior membership is not available to children less than 14 years of age. It is required that a parent (or guardian) of each junior member also be a full member of the club.

2 thoughts on “Joining The Club

  1. Hi there my Son Keanu application is out of date I am in need of new application form so that I can pay his $60
    Keanu was in formed at his last visit that his subscription was to be renewed. 

    He really wants to attend today. Due to covid he has like many others missed out on his Saturday visits 

    Natalie Hawley

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