Life membership for George Sumner

The AGM was held a couple of weeks ago and there is little to report — apart from the fact that George Sumner was unanimously voted to life membership of the club in recognition of his 27 years of uninterrupted dedication and service to the club.

Unfortunately George was unable to make it to the AGM as he wasn’t too well, so we had to wait a couple of weeks to surprise him. The photo above shows President Tony Gray (right) presenting George with a certificate. A life membership section staff is also being prepared and will be given to George once it is ready.

Image: George Sumner (left) holding his Life Membership certificate

Update: At the next general meeting (21st September), George was presented with a commemorative ‘section staff’ to acknowledge his life membership status. The awarding of these ‘section staffs’ for life members is a tradition that was started years ago when the club was at Claremont Showgrounds. In those days the ‘sections’ were taken from the club’s layout there, so it was only fitting that this ‘section staff’ was for the section Zanthus to Lomos on the new layout.

The inscription on the plaque reads:

Presented to George Sumner
On the occasion of his election to
Life Membership of the WAMRC
July 2011

Image: George holding his commemorative life membership ‘section staff’

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