EMRA 2021 Calendar

Our sister club, the Edmonton Model Railroad Association (https://www.emra.club/) has once again sent us one of their excellent calendars for 2021. They produce this calendar every year using photos taken by their own members.

In a letter from their President (Tim Walker) accompanying the calendar, it sounds like their past year has been considerable more difficult than ours. We are so very lucky to have been as minimally affected by COVID-19 as we have!

This year has been unlike any other preceding it. With the COVID pandemic, we made the decision to suspend operations back in March. We had some relief from August to November when we able to access the building and work in small groups on projects. Unfortunately, at this time we have had to suspend operations until the new year. I’m sure this is like what you have been experiencing. Our model railroad community is small, and we have been trying to keep communication open between our members by hosting various online video events. Hopefully with the vaccine rolling out in Canada, we are nearing the end of these strange times.

Tim Walker, President — Edmonton Model Railroad Association

Thank you very much for the calendar EMRA and we wish you a speedy return to normal operations!

2 thoughts on “EMRA 2021 Calendar

  1. Hi All
    I am a 66 year old NZ Male who has been into trains HO and NZR 3/16th Scales
    I am going to be in Perth from the 13th to the 27th of May staying around the area of Kinross. I am looking for anyone who may have a working Monorail or any parts that they might have. I do have mobility issues so not sure yet just how far I can travel around the area. My contact number is 027 284 9959. It sounds crazy but I was on one of these years ago and I am looking to put an overhead system on my current layout. I would also beinterested in certain Triang items . Hoping you can help in some way
    Grant Mac

  2. Hi Grant,
    I’m not sure we can help you much with the monorail. We had a working model of the Sydney monorail back in the mid-90s, but that was a long time ago now!
    We do have a large collection of old Triang bits and pieces though. If you can get to the club at all on a Wednesday during your stay then you will be quite welcome to have a look through what we have for sale.
    See https://wamrc.org.au/about/visiting and scroll down to ‘Fellow Modellers’ for instructions.
    Cheers, Ross.

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