Ian Rourke Memorial Page

Ian Rourke

Sadly, long time WAMRC member Ian Rourke passed away just before Christmas last year after a long battle with illness. Fellow WAMRC member Norm Chapple presented a moving eulogy at his funeral, and with the permission of Ian’s family and Norm we have been allowed to reproduce it on Ian’s memorial page.

3 thoughts on “Ian Rourke Memorial Page

  1. WAMRC life member Don Finlayson has written a moving obituary for Ian Rourke. This has now been added to Ian’s memorial page. Thank you Don for going to such an effort and allowing us to publish it.

  2. Thank you so much, Don, for arranging the publication of Norm’s and your eulogies to produce such a lovely obituary in honour of Ian.
    Your kind words and efforts in arranging this publication in memory of our wonderful husband,father and grandfather are greatly appreciated.
    Dorothy Rourke.

  3. My Dad was fortunate to have a passion in life that he could pursue in quiet moments alone and in the company of like-minded people. A lifelong enjoyment of modelling, engineering and technical precision; manifested in his unending commitment to ‘trains’. Thank you Don for sharing this significant part of Dad’s life, and to Norm for your moving eulogy. I am certain that Dad would be humbled by your words. I know he was all the more for your friendship, and for the friendship of everyone at WAMRC and ARHS. He is, and will always be, sadly missed.

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