Gunyidi station board

At the general meeting last week, Peter T. suggested the name ‘Gunyidi’ for the club’s HO layout. It was voted on and accepted unanimously.

From the Landgate website: “Gunyidi is a townsite in the midlands agricultural region, 231 km north of Perth. It is located on the Midland Railway, and a siding known as “Siberia Fettlers Camp” was established there in 1906, but the name was soon changed to Gunnyidi. This name is apparently a contraction of the Aboriginal name for a nearby water source, Mungerdegunyidie Well. The double “n” conformed to the Royal Geographical Society’s orthography used for Aboriginal words during the early part of the twentieth century. Gunnyidi was declared a townsite in 1930, and the spelling was changed to Gunyidi in 1973.”

The suggestion was prompted by finding the Gunyidi station board pictured above lying around in a pile of a scrap in the museum grounds. It is now on long term loan from Rail Heritage. 🙂

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