PowerHouse Pro firmware updated


Jim at NCE has sent me the current (beta) firmware for the PowerHouse Pro, so I have upgraded the main HO layout system. This version is dated 10th November 2008.

For those who are interested, below is a list of changes since the previous version we were running (30th June 2007). Note that the dates are in American MM/DD/YY format.

BUG FIX                                                       11/10/08
- 28 speed mode commands from type C cabs (mini panel, etc)
  were only sent to the TEMP Queue.  This resulted in the
  speed commands being sent only 4 times.  If a loco derailed
  or otherwise lost power it would not know what speed to
  go when power was restored.  This is fixed

BUG FIX                                                       7/10/08
- It was possible for two cabs to simultaneously setup an
  advanced consist with the same consist address.  This has
  been fixed.

  In advanced consist setup when you accept the suggested
  consist address (or any other consist address that you
  enter) that address is temporarily marked as in use.
  This will cause another cab accessing the consist setup
  menu to get the next lower available consist address.

  If you cancel the setup process before a LEAD or REAR
  loco is entered the consist address is released.

  Thanks to Don Mitchell for reporting this bug

ADDITION                                                       2/2/08
- At the request of Ken Cameron:
  A new binary command has been added to enable/disable
  echo of binary commands back to the computer.  The echo
  of the command can be used to distinguish between an
  AIU broadcast command and the response to a computer

  Command Format: 0xB2 <data>
  0=no echo, 1=echo 1st byte of command, 2=echo entire command

- Four additional binary commands have been added but are not
  used by the RS232 interface on the PH-PRO.  These commands
  are reserved for use by the USB cab bus interface.

  Command:  0xAE
    OPs program loco CV
    Command Format: 0xA2 <addr_h> <addr_l> <CV_h> <CV_l> <data>

  Command:  0xAF
    OPs program accessory/signal
    Command Format: 0xA2 <addr_h> <addr_l> <CV_h> <CV_l> <data>

  Command:  0xB0
    Reserved for USB test  (Expects 4 data bytes)

  Command:  0xB1
    Set cab bus address of USB board
    Command Format: 0xB1 <data>

- The 0xaa binary command returns 6.2.2 for this version

BUG FIX                                                        1/24/08
- System, Macro and Consist backup would hang the system.
  This has been fixed.

- The 38.4 Baud option for the serial port has been removed.

- A new setup parameter in SET CMD STA has been added to
  disable issuing of speed and function packets when a
  new loco has been selected.

BUG FIX                                                        8/3/07
- At system power up the fast clock was always set to AM.
  This is now fixed.  Thanks to Doug Berger for pointing out
  the error.


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