Arthur Cross

Arthur Cross, 1 Nov 1997

3rd June 1924 — April 2023


Arthur was a valued member of our club having joined on 23rd May 1968.

He had a good touch when it came to scenery work as was evidenced in early club layouts. Arthur was club Secretary in the late 1970’s and in 1983 was nominated for life membership of the club.

Arthur married Nancy on 31 December 1983. The Jones and Moss families from the club were guests at the wedding (as reported at the club meeting on 18th January 1984).

Fellow club life member, the late Alan Porter, recalled that his first association with Arthur’s family was via Arthur’s father who did Alan’s dental work at his practice in Cambridge Street, West Leederville. Arthur worked for BP (Australia) where Alan first met him. Alan also pointed out that BP (Australia) was a separate business to the UK based BP refinery who was Alan’s employer.

– Don Finlayson, June 2023.

I joined the club in 1996, the year before the photo above was taken by Don, but I don’t recall ever meeting Alan in person until March 2018 when he moved out of his long-time home in Waterford and he donated some stuff to the club as he was drastically downsizing.

He confided in me then that when he met Nancy, his future wife, his time for model railways was drastically curtailed! Apparently they shared a passion for ballroom dancing and were regulars on Wednesday evenings – the same night of the week our club meets. Dancing always won! It was clear to me then that he loved Nancy very much and was still very much affected by her death a little over a year prior (Jan 2017).

– Ross Parker, June 2023.

Vicki Shultz advised us via this comment on this website that Arthur Cross had passed away approximately 2 months prior in June 2023.

2 thoughts on “Arthur Cross

  1. Thankyou for returning my email, sad to say I don’t know exactly when Arthur passed away , we called him Uncle Arthur as he was a very good friend of my father Percy Miller they met when they went to war in Borneo and remained friends.
    When my father passed away over 14 years ago we still stayed in contact with Arthur and Nancy as mum had always had a good relationship with Arthur and then of course Nancy .
    When Nancy passed away we went to visit Arthur in his nursing home in Come once every 3 months we would take him out as he never really had any family, Nancy had a son and his wife but unfortunately we were not told of Arthur’s passing it came about when I rang up to tell him we were going to come and see him and it was then I was told that he had passed away several months ago .
    So saddened as my mum and my two sisters weren’t able to say goodbye he was a wonderful friend to my late father and a very kind man to my sister’s and I . The nursing home could only say that he was unwell went into hospital came back to the nursing home and died. Whenever I would call him he would say” I’m very well dear “never complained he will be missed .…he did miss Nancy and he was happy in the thought that he may see her again.…..

  2. We too were deeply saddened to hear that Uncle Arthur had passed away. We found out also when I phoned the nursing home to speak to Uncle Arthur. Uncle Arthur and our Dad, George Lucas, were life long friends. They met at drama classes when our Dad was 18 years of age. Uncle Arthur was a beautiful, kind and very generous man. We spent many Easter in Quinn’s Rock with Uncle Arthur and always wondered who the generous Easter Bunny was. Our children were also very fond of Uncle Arthur. We were extremely sad that we didn’t get to say goodbye to a beautiful man that we had known all our of lives. We are glad that Uncle Arthur is reunited with Nancy, our Dad and all of his other friends. RIP beautiful Uncle Arthur. Drianna and Claudia .

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