Upcoming events of interest to WAMRC members and visitors. The third Wednesday of every month is when formal events are programmed at the club. Formal club Meetings are in odd numbered months and clinic/tutorial/presentation nights in even numbered months.

As far as the main HO layout is concerned, even numbered months are prioritised for running, odd numbered months are prioritised for working. This doesn’t mean you can’t work on the layout during an even numbered month or run trains during odd numbered months, it just means if there is a conflict between the two activities the priority for the month is clearly understood by everyone.

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  1. Hi …

    I am a new interested visitor to your club and website. I note on the website there is a mention, under the Calendar Section, of an upcoming RailFest on Sunday 2nd of October, 2022. I pressed on the “more details” link but nothing comes up except the date. Not even a Time or Location(I assume it is at your clubhouse). Can you please provide some details especially if it has been cancelled.

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks Graham — I have added more details regarding RailFest 2022 to the calendar entry as requested. And I’ll add a post to the home page too.

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