General Meeting 19th March

Steel Mill (annotated)

At the general meeting on Wednesday night, two new members were accepted into the club (Simon Pegram — as a junior member, and Anthony Reeder). Welcome to the club guys! Chris Kalajzic was accepted by the membership as our new committee member and we also discussed and agreed to replace the dirty carpet in the public area with industrial vinyl, which should be a lot easier to keep clean.

Terry Kestel supplied me with a legend for his scratch built steel mill, so I have marked up a photograph of all the components (see above). Terry based his design on pictures of the Walthers Steel Mill kit that was produced in HO scale in 1996. We have been looking for one of these Walthers kits for the club for some time, but they have been out of production for a while now. Although some second hand models are sometimes available on eBay, they are usually assembled — hence shipping costs to Australia become prohibitive! I think Terry has done a terrific job, especially considering the ordinary everyday items he has build it from.

Below are some more photographs from the night — the steel mill from the other end (it is so long it is very difficult to photograph in its entirety!) , Chris K. — our new committee member, and a general shot of some of the workers and watchers — anxiously fiddling with stuff after being forced to sit still during another general meeting.

Steel Mill (rolling mill end) Chris K. Workers and watchers

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