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The club’s normal email address has died and due to the time of year, we are not able to find out what is going on and get it fixed for a few days.

In the meantime, a temporary GMail address has been set up as a backup. Please use this email address until advised otherwise.

[Address subsequently removed to limit spam.]

2 thoughts on “Email problems

  1. Greetings to you from Mandurah, and from a very old resident — 92 in October …

    Grovelling under one of my desks, not really looking for anything specific, I came across a roll of Victorian Railways signalling diagrams, maybe half a dozen, from the 1960s, and at least one from 1970. I would be loath to give these away — they evoke happy memories of modelling in VIC during those times — but it occurred to me that some/one of your members would like to have them photocopied, either to model as/is or to form the basis for an interesting switching layout, perhaps a club one.

    I apologise for the material not being of WA origin, but there you go — you can’t have everything you want in this world!

    Let me know if you are interested. With best wishes to everyone — and it is a pity you are not nearer to the metropolis of Mandurah!

    Take care.


  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out. Whilst definitely of some interest, they are a little esoteric to justify a physical copy for us. We don’t have anyone in our membership who is modelling Victorian railways — and especially their unusual (when compared to WA’s!) signalling system.

    If you have any means to scan or photograph them electronically we will be delighted to have a digital copy, otherwise we will gracefully decline your generous offer.


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