Systems Upgraded

A big hats off to the NCE service department. We had an NCE PB105 booster fail and after much dithering decided the best course of action was to return it all the way back to NCE in the US for repair. It cost A$29 to post back on the 13th November last year together with a note explaining the problem and a request to let us know what the cost of repair & return would be.

Didn’t hear anything for a month, then just a brief email stating that a package had been shipped to us from NCE together with tracking information. It arrived a few days before Christmas — our booster repaired and posted back at no charge, complete with complimentary upgrade chips for both our PowerHouse Pro (main layout) and PowerCab (workshop) DCC systems! [I had mentioned in the note that we’d like to buy the upgrade chips if possible to be included when the booster was returned.]

The repaired booster is working great and both upgrade chips are installed and working. The PowerHouse Pro system software version is now 2007C (we were using a beta version somewhere between 2007 and 2007B) and the PowerCab system software version is now V1.65 (was V1.28d — a non-released beta version). [Note that the picture above is old.]

For details of NCE software revisions have a look at Mark Gurries’ excellent site:

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