Peter Tullis

Rest In Peace

19th December 1935 — 9th February 2022

Passed away peacefully aged 86.

Peter joined the WAMRC in January 1991, was both a past President and Vice-President of the club, and was bestowed life membership status at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Peter Tullis (3rd from left) in the club room library in the 2000’s.
(l to r): Wayne Seaton, Dave Williams, Peter Tullis, Len Hughes, Ron Congdon, Brian Few, Ian Rourke

Sadly he became increasingly infirm with Parkinson’s disease and last attended a general meeting of the club in November that same year.

In 2016 he moved into a care facility and remained there until the end.

Peter at the Model Railway Show in June 2016 (in wheelchair). Garry West (pushing wheelchair) and Rowan Benson accompanied Peter.